Food and Travel

It's almost time for my trip to India! I am so excited! I will have my Indian wedding and then travel to different cities. I cannot wait to share with you my adventures and stories. Well, for now, let me get started with one of my favorite Indian snack. It's called "PaniPuri"!   I ate... Continue Reading →

Summer plans~

Getting back to traveling~ The last time I been out of the country was in July of 2015. It's been too long. So, time to put my passport to use. I am excited to share with you my travel plans. I will be going to India! Yes, another dream come true. THE TICKETS ARE BOOKED!... Continue Reading →

Cherry what? Cherry Blossoms!

Cherry Blossoms and Magnolia  They are everywhere! Come to Washington D.C, the Capital of the United States to see it for yourself. This past weekend, I went to see the cherry blossoms. As you know, they only bloom once a year during the end of March and early April. And then…they fall off their branches... Continue Reading →

Ocean City, Maryland

OCEAN CITY~ Did you know that this little island is one of the top destination for the east coast for vacation?  I never heard of Ocean City until I visited, but it sure is a great place to visit. Ocean City is a resort town, featuring miles a wooden boardwalk lined with restaurants, shops, and... Continue Reading →

Job Hunting Again  

It time for me to start editing my resume because I am on a job hunt. This “job hunting” time can either be frustrating or rewarding. One thing that I think it’s important to recognize is that even if you have all the skills needed if you fail at presenting yourself to the employer, your... Continue Reading →


Mini orchids are so cute. I wanted a pet but as you know I am very busy. I do not have enough time to be at home to take care of a cute animal because I work full-time and going to school full-time. So the other day, I got a gift. It was a mini... Continue Reading →

Dish That Reminds You of Childhood

A unique food that reminds me of my childhood is a home-made rice sausage. It is not really a dish, but this topic reminded me that I should introduce more interesting to my readers. In the Hmong community, we have a sticky rice stuffed sausage that can be found in smaller Hmong markets. You might have to... Continue Reading →

The Magical Night

If anyone of you had not seen the lights festival, I highly recommend it! It's a magical night that you would not want to miss. There may be many organizations that do it but the one I registered with is called Lightfest. They go to a different city and you can check on their website... Continue Reading →

First-time car buyer

I just moved to the frigid state of Minnesota, with a lot of mixed reviews from other people in my head regarding public transportation. The only thing that is consistent with all the people I've spoken to is that it is COLD. Freezer burn type of cold. On the topic of public transportation, I've realized... Continue Reading →

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