The feeling of being an Aunt 2

I made a post last year about being an aunt. You can check it out by reading:

I also blogged about Luna when she was born but now I wanted to share her cuteness. Her name is Luna and she is so adorable. She’s only 1 and she is so smart. She wobbles when she walks, and she can be clingy. I remember visiting home and she was attached to me. I Would scream Lunaaaa~ and she would walk over and hug me. When we were laying in bed, she wanted me to hold her, but I would lay her next to me and she wouldn’t settle. She would climb on top of me and lay on my chest. Then I gently pat her on the back and she feels asleep.

Another time I was sitting in the living room holding her on my lap and talking with my sisters. She started nodding her head and I knew she was fallen asleep, but she refused to sleep because she knew I would lay her down. So, I bend her down and lay her in my laps and she instantly closed her eyes.

This little girl is a blessing and I love being an aunt. It gives me the feeling of motherhood and in ways teaches me things that I don’t even know about myself. For example, waking up in the middle of the night for a baby, being patient and taking care of another little human can be so rewarding. I forgot what it’s like to be surrounded by a baby and it does take the whole day. You can’t do anything especially when they can walk and eat everything they find.

I wanted to share this joy with you all and hope that you have a chance to spend time with little kids. They are amazing, and it takes time for them to like you (vice versa) but it’s worth it.

#babyneice #lifeofanauntie #blessing #joy #love

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