Over the President’s Day holiday weekend, I went home to visit my family. My sister and her husband went to an escape room and had a blast, so they invited me to go out the second night with some of their friends. I was hesitant because I didn’t want to be stuck in a room, but it was actually pretty fun.

We went to a place called Zero Hour. They had many themes and you can make a reservation beforehand. We had 8 people were locked in a room with a Florida theme. We were at a bar in Key West and 4 of the employees went missing. Our goal was to find a way to get out. Not going to give away the tricks but we did it! We only have 1 hour, and we had 12 minutes before the time.

I found some of the clues, but it was difficult. When you enter the room and the clock starts ticking, all you can think about is what can I find and what does it mean.

And then everyone starts yelling clues out loud so that we can piece the puzzle together. I had a great time at Zero Hour and would recommend it to a group of friends. It can be fun to solve some mystery with your friends.

#escaperoom #familybonding #mystery #tryinsomethingnew

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