Birthday Post~

It was my birthday, about a month ago. It’s been three years where I posted about my birthday, but this year has gone by too quickly.

On my birthday this year, I wanted an experience with my husband. Usually, we go out to dinner for our dates, but I wanted to see him get out of his comfort zone. So….

We decided to go to a paint bar. Yep, it’s one of those places where you sip wine and be an artist. Get your game on~


We arrived at Muse Paint Bar and sat in front of our white canvases. I was a little nervous because maybe the photo I choose to paint was too difficult. I could see in my husband’s face that he was excited because he told me the last time he was artistic was in elementary school.

So here we go…


The first picture of my painting. We had to mix the color to form different shades of red, blue, yellow, and orange.





We had to paint the background first because it was not color black. The darker color usually goes last because it’s easier to fix something if you start with the lighter colors.

After getting the background, you shape out our the back and legs.


And wallah~



Guess what it is? It’s a mama elephant with her baby.

Isn’t it beautiful? I use to take a painting class in high school and love it. Although I am not artistic it’s nice to paint again.

#musepaint #sip #elephant

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