Happy 2019!

Let’s welcome 2019 together!

This is going to be another annual reflection blog for me. Moti-spire is almost 3 years old and every year I try to reflect and set goals for the upcoming year.

I think that 2019 is going to be epic because these past two years, I have personally learned a lot and many life-changing things happened to me and I can’t wait for what 2019 has for me.

I say, these past two years because it really has been life-changing. I met the love of my life and got married to him thrice. I also traveled to India which has always been a dream of mine when I was a little girl, sitting in the living room watching Bollywood films.

One biggest accomplishment for me is graduating with my masters. I have never imagined getting a masters because it just seemed so difficult, but I did it! With the support from my peers, my teachers, and my family school was all worth it.

I also had my first real job. All the jobs I had led me to find other jobs but now I can say, I have a stable full-time job and that makes me happy.

I also became a founding board member. This has been a goal that I set for myself when I started graduate school and it actually happened. I was in the right place, at the right time and it now is something that allowed me to be in a leadership position.

And lastly, I am happy that 2018 is a year that brought me closer to my faith and meditation. I am happy that I can pray and gain knowledge. I am happy that I can connect with others and understand the world in a different way.



I hope that in this upcoming year, I can work on my leadership skills. I hope to also do more service for my family, community and my work. I hope to travel out of the country and see other parts of the world that I have not been to yet. 2019! I hope that you bring happiness to those who had a rough 2018 and bring peace to those who seek for it.

Thank you!



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