Vrindavan: The City of Monkeys

When I first arrived in Vrindavan, it was kind of crazy. The place where we stayed at has so many monkeys. And they say, don’t wear glasses because the monkey will come up to you and steal them.

I was a bit scared of the monkeys at first but then… I saw a baby monkey. AND IT WAS SO CUTE!

It latched on to his/her mother. The mother ran up a tree and the baby was holding on. It rested for a while and I just sat there watching this teeny tiny baby eating.

These monkeys are surrounded by humans every day so they are not afraid of humans. Sometimes they would come so close to you because they want to take your things. So you have to be careful. Sadly I only have one picture of the monkeys.


Vrindavan is a crowded city like any other Indian city but I notice that this city is somewhat more spiritually grounded. Many people were walking in a line barefooted. There was a festival going on and my husband and I joined. When I took off my shoes, my feet were burning on the cement and I asked him, how can people walk? And he said, you just do it. You are not allowed to wear shoes in the temple and because it was a big festival many people came from far away to attend it.

This opened my eyes to people offering to their gods and what it means to be a believer. I also think that this was a good experience for me because I have never experienced anything like it. It good to learn about the life of others and see a different way of life.

#indiatravels #monkeys #Vrindavan

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