A little late on this one, but here we go~

Friendsgiving! One of the best excuse to see friends, again.

This year, I had the honor to have a Friendsgiving with my best friends. We decided to do a more non-traditional Thanksgiving by cooking more vegetables and seeing what we can make.

I was not so confident because we started cooking later and I had no idea how to make a tofu stir-fry dish that I had googled. We looked at some recipes and decided, “okay, this looks good we can make this.”

It was all a very interesting day. And at the end of it all, we sat down in our living room table and say what we were thankful for and had a delicious meal.

All of it was made from love and hard work. It was delicious and I could eat it again.

Here are some photos.

So you can see, there is my stir-fry tofu in the green bowl, and there are mash potatoes with gravy, baked potatoes (which are bomb-diggity), cauliflower wings, pasta, veggie patty, and salad.

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