India Series: Happy Goa!

Goa, my happy place.

I once saw a movie that was filmed in Goa, which was the first time I ever heard of this city in India. I do not actually know what Goa means but definitely, this city is worth your honeymoon. It is cheap, and you can rent a taxi to do touristy stuff while staying at a relatively nice place. My husband and I stayed at the Bogmallo Resorts and it was worth our money. The staff were nice, the food was delicious and we were right next to the ocean. From my balcony, I would sit there and listen to the waves. It was a place that I was looking for, a place that can take me out of my busy day, a place that holds time still.

Sadly, you can’t swim in the ocean because the waves are too strong, but you can have a romantic walk by the shores. The resort does have a pool and you can sit at the edge while you stare out into the ocean. We went during the off-season so it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.

Goa just calms my heart. Every day I wake up to the waves and I watch the sun go down. It felt like I was on a mini island somewhere. I recommend going there if you are thinking to go to India.

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