No Halloween~

Every year as I get older, Halloween just seems to drift away. There is no Halloween.

Growing up with my 7 siblings, we loved Halloween. My parents would take the big van and we would all go get trick-or-treating. We would count our candies and see who has the most candies.

Halloween at school was also fun. I miss being home with my family and taking the kids out. One year, I was so desperate to be a kid again, I took my 2-year-old niece trick-or-treating.  Yep, just me and her. And when we got home all my siblings were like, where’s my candy? Haha.

I called home today, and my sister bought some pumpkins. She was going to crave them with my brothers. It was funny because she was excited to do things and hang out with my brothers, but they decided to play video games. Kids, these days do not know how to hang out.

So, do you remember Halloween? If you do not celebrate Halloween, how do you spend your October 31st? Today’s Challenge is to think about how you want to celebrate your 10/31st?

#HalloweenComing #throwback #MissingGoodOldDays #Day7Challenge

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