The Good Place

Recently I have been watching a Netflix show called, “The Good Place“. It’s about life after death. Depending if you did good things or bad things, you either end up in a good place or the bad place.

It made me reflect on my life and examine if I have been doing good things or bad things.

Funny thing is, I hate to admit when I am wrong and also I can’t say no.

So, when it comes to good things and bad things what exactly does that mean? Good things to who? Who decides?

Talking about philosophy and morals? Read some philosophy books and think about it.

Well, I wanted to leave you to what Chidi said in season 3. Today’s challenge is to be good. Think about ways you can do to a better person. Trust me. #Day5Challenge

“Why choose to be good every day? I argue that we choose to be good, because of our bonds with other people.”

Chidi Anagonye

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