Incredible India Series: Taj Mahal

The first night I arrived in New Delhi was on August 21st and it was around 8 pm that we arrived at our hotel. We stayed in a hotel called “Hotel Saptagiri” and it was really good.

The food was good, and they do room service even though we ordered it at 11 pm. They also had a really comfortable bed. After staying in India for 4 days, all my bed was as hard as a flat wooden board, so it was nice to sleep on a soft bed again.

The tv and bathroom were cleaned and I highly recommend this place if you are traveling to New Delhi. It’s also a 15-minute drive from the airport and they have their own taxi drivers that you can reserve in advance.

We headed out to Agra, the next day to see TAJ MAHAL! I saw the Taj Mahal in the movies. And it’s supposed to be a romantic story for lovers since the King built it in memory for his wife.

We booked a hotel car and it took us 3 hours to get to Agra. It was totally worth it once you enter the gate and see the beautiful white marble building. We had a tour guide and he was a great storyteller. He told us about the life of the king and how the queen was Persian. He was the 3rd wife of the King and she had so many children. Sadly she passed away in her 40s and never got to see the Taj Mahal since the king built it for her afterward.

We also visited local shops of the descendant of the Taj Mahal workers. They made the city a tourism spot and still kept the knowledge of craving the marbles and engraving stone flowers on the marble walls.

The whole Taj Mahal building has no paint on it, instead, all the flowers and writing were made from natural rocks imported from around the world.

If you want to take a closer look, here you go!


The whole experience was eye-opening and rewarding.

Here are some photos of the Taj Mahal!

Hope you enjoy this post and stay tuned for more stories!

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