India Series: Kolkata

Hi everyone,

Finally back from India and still recovering from jetlag. I wanted to share my travel journey with you all.  Today I will talk about Kolkata and some of my experiences.

I landed on Kolkata on August 16th and it was a cloudy day. I didn’t know what to expect.

The airport had these beautiful writing on the ceiling. It was pretty early when I arrived so there weren’t as many people. We waited in line at the pre-paid taxi counter and purchase our ticket to Belur Math.

The taxi car and ride was one of my first culture shocks. The taxi looked so old, that inside felt like a cardboard box. I was surprised it was running. The taxi driver was an old man and he had these thick glasses. He drove but was beeping the whole way. According to my observation, honking your horn is the best way to indicate that you are merging lanes or passing through. Both pedestrians and driver were super courageous. They did not stop for any reason. A motorbike was inches away from our car and yet, the driver still honked and drove. People were so close to the car that I could put my hands on their shoulders and the driver still honked and drove.

After we had reached Belur Math. The city began to start their day. Many people were on their morning walk and people began riding their bikes. My husband and I were staying at an International guest house and after some rest, we walked outside to see the temple and what shops were nearby. The next day we explored more of the city and it was time for shopping.

Kolkata was very different. It is less developed compared to the other places I went to like Delhi and Chennai, but it was special. In the main cities, there are rows of shopping stores and you can buy just about anything. The metro was convenient, and the streets were crowded with street vendors. Even in the middle of the city, there were mediation temples and children running around.

I also rode on a boat and took pictures of the city and building.

Here are some photos!

Most of the buildings were colorful, even the big trucks were designed uniquely. Around Kolkata, I visited two main places. The Victoria Memorial and St. Paul Church. It was because I was busy planning my Indian wedding so I didn’t get to do much sightseeing.

The Victoria Memorial and St. Paul Church was rather quiet. How I would describe it is, imagine going inside a big cathedral and inside is a museum.

That is it for now, more India adventures post coming soon.

Thanks for reading!

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