The RedMan

This is a dream I had on Nov 5, 2017


I was at my old high school in Jamaica – let’s call it AHS. The compound was slightly different, a cross between my primary school and high school in terms of the surrounding. I was 6th form prefect, fully clad in my school uniform, and I was tasked with finding some way to get participation from all 6th formers. I thought about an event for students to make beautiful collages, then I would laminate them and hang them up on the long stretch of wall beside the library. Melissa from my home church in Jamaica was there and she asked me what school do I go to (which is weird, since we were at the same school, wearing the school uniform). Immediately, my heart sank. I felt a little sad, and very small. Why would she ask me that? Was she trying to embarass me, using her power because she is pretty and popular? As the student body prefect, everyone is supposed to know me and she did not, or she was pretending not to in order to make a joke in front of her friends. However, I gave her the benefit of the doubt, therefore, I told her the schools I went to before this current one. Because I did that, her intention to embarrass me fell to the dust. I could see the disappointed in her face and it felt good. It felt like high school all over again. But I chose to ignore that feeling and focus on something else.

There was a strange man who came on the compound. Great, he distracted me from her, which was good. He had features like Mr. RedMan at my old high school.He was wearing a red shirt, too. However, his eyes shifted around suspiciously, he had his hand strangely close to his pocket, as if he’s protecting something.  During devotion, we were all singing old hymns when suddenly, students started gasping, screaming and running. Mr. RedMan took out his gun and pointed it at the students. He had a stern, yet deranged look on his face. Confident, yet not of this world. I had to do something I just didn’t know what. I was the student body prefect. I had to do SOMETHING! I ran towards him so he would see me then I ran away to direct him away from the crowd. He chased me down. Bang, bang! He shot after me but I dodged him neatly. With every step I took my heart beat faster and faster. I kept running and hiding in behind the walls but he seemed to know where I was every time. Then I see Olivier pull up in a yellow race car. I signal to him that I’m hiding behind a wall. RedMan is quickly approaching, I could hear his footsteps. He is close to me now. I turn and I see him. Olivier surprises him from behind. I then knock his hand and the gun fell. Both RedMan and Olivier ran after the gun, but then I jumped on Redman’s back and put him in a choke hold. With all my might, I’m squeezing his throat and I’m thinking, God help me through this!

Then I woke up.

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