Water Lantern Festival

Last year I went to the Lantern Light Festival. This year, I am going to the Water Lantern Festival.

I found the event on Facebook and thought it would be a cool experience since it reminded me of Japanese lanterns.

At the event, there were many food trucks and also a big Ferris wheel. I rode it and it was fun. I got a great view of the lake.

On the ground, many food trucks attended. You could get Jamaican, Thai, or even go to a local restaurant before entering the event. We were surrounded by people and good music. I would say remember to bring a blanket so you can sit comfortably.

Overall, my experience was amazing. I really enjoyed the Thai music and the overall theme of happiness, hope, and love. I wrote on my lantern what I hope to accomplish in the next 5 years, and the things I look forward to doing. After I put my lantern into the water with all the others, the view was stunning. I prayed and also reflected upon my life.

I did bring my GoPro camera but did not finish editing the video clips yet. That’s on my list to do. However, I did take some photos.



If you are interested check out One World Lantern Festival. They are going to multiple cities all over the U.S.

#waterlanterns #oneworld #festival

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