Bigger Dreams

What do you do when you have bigger dreams? I don’t know either. It’s like I been sitting here thinking about what I have to do? What I still have to do? And how do I get there?

Have you ever been laying in bed thinking about what you want to do? Or you have a goal, a dream but you feel stuck?

No resources, no income, no opportunity. You just feel stuck, right?

Well, lately I been feeling like that too. So I get up from the bed, get ready and take a walk. Blast the music and keep walking.

It’s a simple thing, but it makes me feel free. Like I am in my own world. Just thinking about life and what I have.

I tell myself, I will make it. Everything will be okay. And it makes me feel better. Everyday work towards something. Do something and think about what you can achieve tomorrow.

I also listen to Jay Shetty.

He is my motivational speaker virtually. I watched a lot of his videos and it all just makes sense. So if you don’t know him, check it out!




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