Summer plans~

Getting back to traveling~

The last time I been out of the country was in July of 2015. It’s been too long. So, time to put my passport to use.

I am excited to share with you my travel plans. I will be going to India! Yes, another dream come true. THE TICKETS ARE BOOKED!

So, where am I going exactly?

I am planning to go see the epic Taj Mahal! This is because I see it a lot in Bollywood movies and I would to see it for myself. It’s known for its beautiful architecture and the story behind the king who built it for his wife.

taj mahal

Then I would have to spend a good couple of days next to the beach. You don’t know me if you didn’t know that I love water and ocean. I will be staying somewhere in GOA. I heard it is like the Hawaii of India. There are tons of resorts and also tropical things to see in the jungle. Hehe. Not sure if this is true but I will find out.

Another stop is Chennai~ This place is recommended by my husband so we will see what his mysterious plans are.

And lastly, Kolkata~ Or Calcutta as I heard it in other movies. This is in West Bengal and is the hometown of my husband. It would be interesting to see where he grew up and how people live here as they speak Bengali and have a unique culture aside from the mainstream Bollywood culture.

So stay in tune for my actual journey.

Comment below for places to see and things to do in these locations.


#travel #india #explorer


  1. Have a fantastic trip! I am hoping to visit India for a month or two next year – I am already so excited to eat all that delicious Indian vegetarian food!


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