Another Exciting Celebration!

My second wedding. Yes, you got it! Last year I wrote about getting married. Well, that was the courthouse wedding. This year I am getting married culturally. I decided to get married three times. Because I love my man so much, that one wedding is just not enough. And I look forward to all the fun and celebrations~

So this second wedding is my Hmong wedding. It is taking place in my hometown. This wedding is a Hmong-ish wedding, I say so because my husband is Indian and it was hard to do all the cultural traditions without his family here.

We hosted our wedding in a public park in Hastings, MN. My sister was in charge of the decorations. And all my friends and my mom helped me made the food. It was indeed a stressful day because the weather lied to me. It rained so much in the morning to 1 in the afternoon. Then the sun came out and that was definitely something to remember.

So…back to the ceremony. Everything went smoothly for the ceremony. The church pastor came and sang us some song, read us a passage from the bible and his wife was giving us a blessing. When it came down to the vows, my husband said some very meaningful and touching words. I can’t remember much, but the feeling that I am so happy. When it came to my vows…oh lord… I was crying the whole time I couldn’t say a word. It was so embarrassing. All I could say was…”Thank you to everyone who came today”…and the tears kept coming and coming.

I don’t know why I was so emotional. But I do know that deep in my heart, I knew this was the exact moment I had imagined when I was a little girl.

We continued the celebrations with cake, food, and games. Sadly, we could only do two games. The ping-pong and the spoon game and also the two lies and one truth game. I wish I had a recording of that somewhere.

Overall, this magical day came to an end. It was exhausting but also fun that my friends and family were there for me. Thank you! And that two of my friends from Japan came just for my wedding. That was a surprise too.

And lastly, here are some photos of the decorations!

#family #love #Hmongish

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