Cathy (2 poems)

Cathy, conflicted

Cathy, a villian:

The women that Proverbs described

As foolish and deceptive,

Alluring and seductive.

On the outside she is sugary sweet.

On the outside she is cute and innocent,

But her desires are dark and destructive.

Does she want it to be this way? No.

But, the flesh overcame the spirit;

She’s weak, and sitting in a pool of regret.

On the surface, it is easy fix.

The practical steps are so very clear – a,b,c, done.

But how does she fix what is beneath?

The emotions and desires that she tries to fight,

When she is alone, her truest self,

Seeing and feeling the evil that she doesn’t want to.

It’s easy to smile when she doesn’t feel like smiling.

Laugh when she doesn’t feel like laughing.

When she is alone, by herself, quiet,

There’s no need to be fake.

The truth hits her square in her chest,

And it is unbearable.

How can she change what is within

When she is not the victim, but rather, the villain?


Cathy, redeemed

Cathy sits

In her unbearable truth.

In her unwanted feelings.

In her villainhood, in her evil, in her darkness.

She wonders, ‘Can I be reconciled’?

There’s hope for you Cathy.

She willingly and knowingly hurt others

Even though deep down she doesn’t want to

But ‘hurt’ people will hurt people

There’s hope for you Cathy.

This unwanted energy….

She sat up straight and decided

That she will convert them.

Convert hate into love.

Convert darkness into light.

Convert these hurtful habits and decisions

Into productivity and gratefulness.

There’s hope for you Cathy.

Whenever a wave of despair hits

Tell the universe you are grateful.

Whenever a dark feeling crosses your mind,

Tell your friends that you love them.

There’s hope for you Cathy.

It won’t be easy.

It will take a lot of effort

To change from villain to hero.

Requires a renewal of the mind, completely:

Rejecting all the bad, accepting the good,

And pushing through the parts that are hard,

Where you don’t know the next step.

Captivate your thoughts!

Tell yourself that you love yourself!

And love will attract love

Peace attracts peace

Good attracts good

There’s hope for you Cathy!

Before she knew it, she was made brand new.

Seeing herself exactly the way she should be

Amazing, abundant, prosperous,

With a lot of love to give,

With a mind that rejects selfishness,

And with the ability to help

Those who find themselves

As villains with a desire to be better.


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