Lasik Surgery sounds scary, and it is scary. I have been thinking about it for 3 years now and I decided to do it. It is probably the scariest decision but it is also the best decision I made.

One Friday last month, I decided to go get a consultation. You know, just to ask questions and see how much is it. I met a patient who went in for a post-op checkup and I was like, he got Lasik?  I am the type of person who needs to know someone who knows someone, who is connected to this doctor. I was not going to go to some stranger and get surgery if I don’t need it. But, this patient was a living proof that this doctor is the best, and that he knows what he is doing.

I lined up after the other guest and filled out my paperwork. The receptionist made me watch a video about the surgery, the process and sat me down in the waiting area. Afterward, one of the doctors called me and I went into a dark room. It was just like a regular test for getting glasses. But this time she gave me some eyes drops and diluted my eyes. I still failed to read the biggest letter on the wall.

We went to a couple of different rooms and she said, you are the perfect candidate for Lasik. I was like, “really”? I thought I had the worst eye sights. I am surprised I passed. Then she said, “Do you have any questions?”

This was my time to ask all the deep-down questions I had gathered for three years. But nope, I just said, “Will I be able to get a perfect vision?”

She said, “Yes!” And she shared her experience with me and I felt more comfortable.

After the consultations, we went over cost and health insurance. It turns out my health insurance gave me a 15% discount. How awesome is that? So, I signed up and did it.

On the day of, I woke up and ate breakfast. I arrived at the clinic at 10:00 AM and started the paperwork. My husband was caring and stay with me throughout the whole thing. He even watched the surgery.

The doctor numbed my eyes with some eye drops, laid me down and used an eye clamp to keep my eyes opened. And then… it went pitch black. All I remember was it was dark, the doctor was talking to me, and I got my vision back. He told me to focus on a green light. And as soon I know it, it was over.

The surgery itself was less than 10 minutes. I remember seeing the green light, a red light, water ripples from the eye drops and then I was done.

It somehow felt like a dream.

I am still recovering from my surgery, but I can see so much better already. Right after the surgery, I went home, took my nap, which turns out I slept for like 10 hours and then carry on with my normal day to day life. I even watch Netflix and was able to see things without my glasses.

I am excited to see better and get a full recovery since I am taking some prescribe pills and daily medicated eye drops with artificial tears.

But hope to snorkel with fishes in the ocean soon and also do more sports.

#noglasses #lasik #neweyes

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