Graduation Season!

Yes! You got it! It is that time of the year again. Graduation!

Some people hate it,  but I love it! Graduation is not about sitting through a ceremony but to take the time to celebrate the success of students. I have been busy because it is also my graduation! The final walk for me. I was not able to attend my undergrad ceremony so this one is very important to me.

To share with you my weekend, it all started on Friday.

 On Friday after work, I went to the hotel and check-in. This was a king-sized bedroom for my parents and sister who will be coming out of town. My sister was fortunate that the sofa was a pull out bed, if not she would have to sleep on the floor. Then I headed to the airport and picked my family.

The night ended so quickly as I drop them off and headed home to sleep.

 On Saturday was the big day! So many people out on a hot, bright sunny day. I was glad that the weather was nice so I can show my family the city because this was the first time they visited Washington D.C.

 I took them to the Lincoln Memorial and the World War 2 Memorial. Many other students brought their graduation gowns and took a ton of photos. I was too hot to hassle through that.

After walking around for an hour, we dined in at a Malaysian and Thai restaurant for lunch. It was de-li-ious. This was so great because I felt like I could eat anything. I had Thai curry, Thai ice tea, pineapple fried rice, pad Thai and many others appetizers.

We headed to school and I gave my family a tour of the experience of my two years. It was a small school, of course, so the walk was easy!

The ceremony took place and the speech was awesome! Leymah Gbowee is an inspirational and powerful woman. Watch her speech and you will know what I mean.


Then the night ended with more food. I selected a nice place next to the river! It was really nice because it was not just my day but Mother’s day! I got to celebrate it this year with my mother and it was nice that we got some mother-daughter time. Every year, I am always away from home and it’s nice to talk to my mother and not just give her a call.

#family #sucess #celebrations

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