It’s almost time!

The countdown begins now! 15 more days until my graduation! It is very exciting because I will be graduating with my master’s degree. (If you have not read my blogs about being a first-generation student, it is kind of a big deal). My parents will get to see me finally graduate since I missed my undergraduate ceremony. This will feel official.

 I still cannot believe these two years flew by! I learned so much and I would not have such a great experience without my academic mentor. She was with me since day 1 and she is still motivating me to be the best I can be. I learn how to do extensive research, how to build teams, manage clients and learn how to be a diplomat. I learn how to take my skills and strengthen them. I also love the environment of the school and enjoy surrounding myself with people who are driven and passionate about their studies. I’m going to miss grad school.

 I felt that these two years were challenging because I was working a lot and also got married. But, I am thankful I took the opportunities I had and made it a great learning experience. I did my first internship and it was unpaid to learn about the government. I also worked at about 5 different companies these past 2 years and learn about different kinds of services and responsibilities. I made a lot of great friends who often encouraged me to try different things.

 I highly encourage those who are thinking to pursue a master’s degree to just do it, if you are thinking whether or not to pursue a higher education. It is worth it! I am excited to see what is my next step!

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