Money, Honey, Fame or Name!

What is your drive to live a fulfilled life? I was thinking really hard about this question. And the best way I would categorize this is that everybody wants money, honey, fame or name. Yep, there are more categories but it rhymes so I’m going to go with it.

Which one are you? What is your driver? And you can only pick one. I’m generalizing these but I think it is a good way to start thinking about your life.


Most people I come across wants money. The more money the better. They think about money all day, every day. Some think about it because they come a lower social economical status and every dollar means something. Other like millionaires think about how to make more money even though they have all the money in the world. And everyone in between thinking about how to get a promotion, how to earn money to support their families and love ones. Or simply for themselves so they can have more purchasing power.


Most people are driven by their honey. Yes, your babe. They are those who are willing to throw away everything for someone. Most consider them naive and foolish to give everything up for someone they love. But honey seekers are true. They understand what it means to have unconditional love and often put others before themselves.


Fame! Who doesn’t want fame? It is what has your name on it. Fame comes to those who seek it or often found themselves encounter upon them. These people love attention, and often known for something. It may be their talents, their personality, their looks or the skills they have. But often they are trapped in other’s people’s expectation.


Those who seek name, are those who want to create something in the world and say, I did that! This is who I am. And this service, thing, organization or thing become your baby. It is what you will leave behind for the next generation. It is your legacy. Fame comes in many forms and level. Those who seek fame often put work before home. They are often very good at what they do and they are the seeker. They are always curious and they are self-motivated.

Who are you? Think about what drives you in life.

#complicated # judgment #whoami

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