Hmong Movies

I bet you have never watched a Hmong movie if you aren’t Hmong! The other day my husband was saying he wanted to watch Bollywood because he hasn’t been watching any since he started Stranger Things.

It had never occurred to me that I wanted to watch Hmong movies. The reason why Hmong movies are unpopular is that they do not have subtitles. And the movie industry is still developing. Most of them are filmed in Laos or Thailand, and only targeted toward an older generation of spectators.

My mom also said she loves watching Hmong movies because the stories remind her of life when she was growing up in rural Laos.

Which brings me to the point that if we were to do a film studies class on Hmong people, it would just be a terrible idea. It won’t be able to portray the Hmong people culture or history accurately. Most Hmong movies are meant purely for entertainment! Most of them are a comedy but it is rather a high context culture.

However, if you wanted to watch one, I recommend this one. 1985! You can watch it if you have Amazon Prime.


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