Isn’t it just crazy? I was sitting on the metro train heading home after work. There were all these people on the train. I never saw them before but at the same time, they all felt familiar as if I have seen them before.

“Where do you think that familiar feeling comes from?” I asked myself. I’ve been conscious of my surroundings and the people who passes by me every day.

“How do I feel like I know you but yet I have never seen you?” Is it true like they say? That in order for your brain to make the connections and process information, we automatically link what we see to what we already know. And if there is no “other” we would be less afraid. We can be informed and make meaning of what we see.

I asked a wise person. This wise person responded that this familiar feeling is not because of the people but because of the train. I feel that I know these people because I am used to the train, therefore, the experience to me is similar, which makes me think I know the people.

What is your thought?  #crazythought #deepthinkingmode

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