How much are you worth?

About 3 years ago, I was chatting with a friend at work. He asked me how much am I worth? I replied, well, as of right now I am making $3 an hour, so I guess I must be worth $3.

But yesterday, I was going on a date night with my husband and we were talking about work. I mentioned that I have met people who hate their jobs. Then I decided to ask my husband, how much are you worth? Like how much do you get paid?

He replied, “not enough, but enough for now. I am worth more than how much I get paid.”

I was amazed. Our worth should not be our wages and salary. But 3 years ago, when I was asked that question, I did not know how to reply. I needed to say a number to quantify my worth to others. But with a simple answer from my husband, my perceptions of worth were more than just numbers. I questioned, why I had to prove to others how much am I worth?

After doing some thinking, I think my worth is my service to others. It is getting up extra early to make and pack lunch for my husband every day. It is calling my mother and accompanying her through the phone. It is giving my bestie a pep talk about life and offers bits of advice. It is opening the doors for strangers on my way to work or letting the elder take my seat on the train. My service is my worth.

How do you think about your worth?

Comment below! Would love to know your thoughts!

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