The Bigger Person

Sometimes I cry, sometimes I feel hurt, and sometimes I want comfort.

It happens.

When you are facing a situation where there are no words that can make you feel better, or there isn’t anything you could have done to make the situation better, you be “the bigger person”.

I say this because the only way to move forward is to let go of attachments. You may be attached to what someone said about you, how upset you are to the moment, or simply the materialist things that surround your thoughts.

Let go and move on without holding grudges can set you free. The bigger person is someone who can show others the path to peace, stability, and self-love. The bigger person is also one who is forgiving and wise. If you become the bigger person, you can be the best person you can be in any given situation.

So be the bigger person and let it go!

#stopbeingangry #biggerperson



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