Valentine’s Day: Love is Love

In the spirit of celebrating Valentine’s day today, I just wanted to say, celebrate it!

It’s a day of love, a day to appreciate and simply a day to give to your loved ones. Whether that is your partner, your friend, your mom, or your dog. Do something nice and be nice. Although I can kind of see why some guys think its a cheesy day.

I remember this day clearly in elementary school. Our teacher made us buy valentine cards at the store, and we were given a list of all of our classmates and had to give a card to each of our classmates. We also had to buy candy! I taped the candy kisses to each of my Disney characters cards and even made sure to give the ones that say really nice things to the people I liked. But, it was not about the valentine cards but the candy. I loved the candy! So many sweets and chocolate.

This year, sadly I don’t have time to celebrate it like I use to. But a dinner date in the evening will be romantic.

How are you celebrating your valentine’s day? Comment below!

#love #candy #redwht&pink


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