Life of being an Aunt

I am excited to share with you I have another baby niece. She arrived on January 31st! Her name is Luna. Although I have not had the time to make a trip back home to visit her, I love her so much already. She is so adorable and looks exactly like her older sister.

Babies are the cutest thing. I love it when they are newborns to about 7 months. Once they start crawling then I  have to do more work as an aunt. Hahaha. Not that it is bad, it’s just more attention on my part and I would be happy to do it. Babies grow up very fast. My favorite thing about babies is that I love to just hold them in my arms and when they fall asleep, I will cross my legs and lay them on top while I watch some Korean Drama. Peace and quiet. More like cuteness.

I also wanted to write a letter to Luna, since I will not be able to see her until Summer. Here is my short letter. Maybe when she grows up one day she can read it.

Dearest Luna,

Hi Baby girl,

I am your aunty. I cannot wait to meet you! I wanted to hold you the moment your mommy showed me your pictures and on facetime when I got to see you open your eyes. You are always sleeping and you are such a sweet baby. I am happy that you are born into our family and I hope to shower you and your sister with much love. As an aunt who lives far away, I will do the very best I can to be a part of your life.

Baby Luna! I love you!




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