Childhood, a place to be

If you can go back to the past, stay in the present or go to the future, which one will you choose?

As a teenager, I would say future. It is because I wanted to grow up and be independent. I want freedom and do everything without asking for permission. For example, buy ice cream without asking my mom when we go grocery shopping, or go to the movies with my friends and stay out late. I wanted to make my own money and be able to spend it how I like it.  But now, it is more complicated than that.

As a adult, I would say the past. I wanted my childhood. Although there were many responsibility around the house, I still felt blessed. I had to share room with my sisters but it felt like I could bond with them. I had someone who was going to be my family no matter what happens. They understood.

My childhood brings so many great memories. The times when I would boss my younger siblings and ground them because my mother did not know that she can put us in a time out zone. My childhood taught me to be respectful towards elders, how to run a family of 7 other kids in the house, how to do budgeting and manage money to keep the house sustainable. I learn what was good and what was bad. I also remember being happy. I felt productive because school was always challenging. My teachers made sure I loved school. I see little kids on the street or at the park and I envy their life. They didn’t have to worry about bills or loans. Life seems great. Childhood is the place to be.

How will you answer the above question?

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