I remember learning about Martin Luther King in elementary school. His speeches and his character greatly influence me and the way how I think about human rights, equality and the love for others. His “I have a dream speech” always questioned me “what is my dream?”

Dream. One simple word and yet it’s a so hard to formulate that word into action. I think dreams are only reveal to those when they are ready. Some people may have already reached their dreams or started working towards their dream. But for me, my dream seem to be out there somewhere. For I have not seen it, I am not sure what my dream is but I do know one thing and that is my dream involves the service to other, to love one as if they are you.

In celebration of Martin Luther king day, I hope that you reflect on what you want to do for others. What you can change? How you hope to implement those change and lastly, reveal your dreams.

If you haven’t heard his if I had sneeze speech, YouTube it and listen.

#dreamsdocometrue #dreambig #yougotthis #MLK

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