One question!

I was reading an article and it sparked a self-reflection. This article is called “Tony Robbins Has 1 Question That Can Turn Your Worst Day Around”

Here is the link to the article if you are interested in reading it yourself.

I started following Tony Robbins years ago, and he always says something and it means something to me. I always end up giving him my time and tuning in to his message.

In this article, his one question is “What’s great about this situation that you’re not seeing right now?

This question blew my mind. I seem to have already heard this question somewhere but reading it, reminded me that I am strong. I can do something about my life and I have the power to think about it in a different perspective. What is it that I am not seeing right now?

Today is one of those bad days. I feel sad, maybe depressed but I think that this article just uplifted my day. It made all my worries and problems seem so small all a sudden. Thank you, Tony Robbins.

#bringiton #igotthis #ifonlyilisten

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