Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday!

Birthday celebrations are an interesting concept. Does anyone remember their birth? Why celebrate if we do not remember, but rely on a piece of paper (birth certificate) that we are born on this day at this time. In fact, in some cultures, birthdays are not celebrated or recognized. But in the American context, it’s a big deal. Even for a 1-year-old, there is a birthday celebration. Why spend so much money on a 1-year-old? who knows, but I know my birthdays have always been special.

I have a twin sister. And every year, there is always someone to celebrate it with. She is quite the opposite to me, and very artzy. Often, I find myself questioning, the whole idea of being a twin? Do we experience similar things living far from each other? Do we think alike? Can we sense when the other is in danger? Who really knows right?

Happy Birthday, Sis!

Loving the cakes though. I got red velvet cheesecake, mango lime cheesecake, and tiramisu.

Yum! #birthday #enjoy #cheers


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