Another Semester goes by…

To all those who are in school right now, just wanted to give you guys a shout out, for all the hard work you put in this semester.

This semester has been really tough for me working full time as an intern and going to school as a full-time student. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I always thought I can just focus on school and not work but that is not always the reality for me.

As a reflection of this semester, I wanted to say thank you to all my professors in the past year till today. They have been extremely helpful. They taught me to be a better student and mentored me. I am always lost in the world of academia because I don’t know what is next even though technically I should since I have a major. This semester I felt particularly challenged in my Transnational Education class because education means everything to me but at the same time, I did not have the knowledge to challenge the current system I am living in. I didn’t realize identity and education can be closely intertwined. How we know the things we know, why is it important to challenge the system? Why is education considered a good thing? After this course, I am more thoughtful about my future as well as how can I give back to my family, to my community, and to the Hmong people.

This semester also taught me that hard work pays off and to value the people that got you to where you are. Not realizing how much help I asked of my classmates, my friends, and my spouse, I would not have accomplished so much today. I kept striving to be better because of their support, words of encouragement and the constant, Sana you can do it reminder! Thank you!

Best of luck to everyone with this year coming to an end. End with a blast and start another year with a blast!

#justonemoresemester #gradstudent #feelingfree #yougotthis

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