Job Hunting Again  

It time for me to start editing my resume because I am on a job hunt. This “job hunting” time can either be frustrating or rewarding. One thing that I think it’s important to recognize is that even if you have all the skills needed if you fail at presenting yourself to the employer, your efforts can go to waste. For example, if you did everything right on your resume, but fail to write a great cover letter that complements your resume, then your application might not make it to the interview pile. Or let say you have an amazing resume, but you are too qualified, that can also be a problem? As the career counselor said, always cater your resume and cover letter to the employer’s needs. I think that it important to do some research before you apply.


My experiences with job applications have been 50-50. Either I get an interview and get the job or I don’t get an interview or email at all. Sometimes I do get depressed because after it can feel like it’s a part-time job to apply to jobs. I might send in 20 applications after a month but only heard back from one. But, I want to tell those who are also job hunting, everything will work out. Keep trying and don’t get discouraged, because who knows what we might be doing in the near future? Dream job? Move to another country? Make more money than we expected?


#keepitup #yougotthis #jobhunting

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