What’s exciting?

Internships. I have never done an internship because I was too busy picking up part-time jobs. As I am coming to the end of my master program, I needed to fulfill a professional experience requirement in order to graduate. This was my perfect chance to do an internship. I will be interning at EducationUSA. This office is a global network of all the advising centers all over the world. It helps international students understand the process to apply for a U.S. college or university. I am passionate about international education, so this was a perfect chance for me to learn more about international exchange programs and studying abroad.


What makes an internship different from a “normal” job?

For me, I think there is a lot of space to make mistakes and learn as an intern. I get to choose the projects that align with my professional goals and I also get to experience a lot of the other offices. Due to that, I am an intern, I was exposed to many projects and was not required to only work for one office or project. My supervisor is very nice and flexible when it comes to choosing my projects and introducing me to different people that I can network with.


Why do an internship?

I think internships are valuable experiences because you have 3-4 months to work in a field that you may or may not be familiar with. You can test out a position, or organization and see if you can see yourself working there in the future. And if you do, you will already know the people who can potentially get you the job in the future. Some internships can turn into full-time permanent positions, so that’s a plus.

#beanintern #learnandgrow

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