Military Diet

This is a personal blog post. Coming from an Asian family and everyone worried about getting fat, this got me thinking a lot about my health. A friend recommended a new challenge for me recently. I took the challenge and the results are great. This challenge is known as the “The military diet.” It is to help one lose weight and for those who are interested in trying something new. Over the past 8 months, I have gain 15 pounds due to eating excessively or “stress eating. So I decided to use this challenge to get back on to my “staying fit” journey. The results so far after two rounds, which is 6 days of this diet, I have lost 6 pounds. I am working out and hoping to maintain my weight.

Warning: This plan is not designed to lose a lot of weight (20-30 pounds), it is simply a start for me. I forgot to take the pictures of all my meals, but here are some of my meals (especially breakfast LOL).

After two rounds of dieting, I think that this was a great start for me because, at one point, I did have to admit, I accepted my weight and my looks. I was not happy with myself. I was ready to be the fattest I have been in my life. But, I am happy that I decided to take on this challenge because this is the first time I ever tried a controlled diet. It challenged me because every time I want to eat, I reminded myself of my goal. My friends and spouse supported me and that was helpful. I wanted my experience to be a learning experience and it was. I learned that I can follow directions, I can be motivated, and I can control what I eat.

Here is the diet if you would like to try it for yourself. Although some people may argue that this is an unhealthy diet, I think its good to at least gives it a shot. Tips: do it on a weekend, like Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, that way you can stay focus and not worried about starving at school or work.


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