Mini orchids are so cute. I wanted a pet but as you know I am very busy. I do not have enough time to be at home to take care of a cute animal because I work full-time and going to school full-time. So the other day, I got a gift. It was a mini orchid. I saw it and thought instantly I am going to give it a name. Her name is Nahana. A pretty name, isn’t it?

In Hindi Nahana means shower, I know! Who names a plant shower? LOL.

Orchids are delicate and beautiful.

Mini Phalaenopsis orchids are the smallest size in the orchid portfolio. Like all of the Just Add Ice® orchids, minis are also easy to care for and bloom throughout the seasons. But because they’re smaller, they require less water.

Mini orchids can be used for party favors or to add a pop of color and elegance to your decor. Just Add Ice® mini orchids stand 6”-10” tall.

Just Add Ice® grows over 8 million orchids every year using sustainable and environmentally conscious methods.

Here is a picture of my mini orchid.

According to the directions, you just have to water it with 1 ice-cube a week and make sure it has enough light and right air temperature.

Justaddice also has information on how to take care of one if you are interested.

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