The Magical Night

If anyone of you had not seen the lights festival, I highly recommend it! It’s a magical night that you would not want to miss. There may be many organizations that do it but the one I registered with is called Lightfest. They go to a different city and you can check on their website if they are coming near your city.

I registered online and when I day came, I showed up with the tickets printed in one hand, and a blanket in the other. I wished I was more prepared for that I bought a tent, more pillows, and fuzzy blankets. But waiting for the night to get dark can be fun. Bring your cards, your friends, your family, your food. It will be a while until the sun sets.

The weather was very nice when it happened in Delta. I was quite surprised the weather matched up with the event. No wind, no rain, and a wonderful blue sky.

The LightFest played wonderful music, had live performances, and offer many gifts throughout the event. The MC was funny too, which makes the show more engaging.

At about 8 pm, we began to light the lanterns. I remember feeling super excited. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I was going to experience “Tangle

And one by one, the lanterns flew into the sky. It was magical. The sky was full of lanterns and fire. It was as if I was in the sky too.

I recommend signing up and experiencing it at least one. It truly is magical. #lightfest #whatlightsyouup

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