Solar Eclipse

I’m a little late on this, but I just wanted to document my experience of the solar eclipse. It was all over the news on 8/21/17 and I remember being like, “Is it really that big of a deal?”

Yes. After watching NASA’s live video and the explanations on the web, I concluded that it was a big deal. I spent the whole day watching, reading and learning as much as I could. I mean, can you imagine the earth, the moon, and the sun lining up? Then the sky turning night. What will the plants and animals do? Will they get confused?

People from all over were delighted to experience it as it as some of their first days of classes in college, others baked cakes, and people in line to get free solar eclipse glasses. They took vacation days to travel to places like Oregon, Nebraska, South Carolina and etc.

There were even talks on the news about aliens and invasion. Stories on earlier eclipse and how people reacted to it. It was interesting.

I thought that this solar eclipse was amazing because we do not get to see it every day. And we can learn a lot about the world and space. #eclipse2017


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