Journal Series #1 – Daily Journaling Prompts

Hey All,

I joined an online community called SheNomads. We are reading a book called Girl Code, and on Saturday (Aug 18) we all got on #Slack to discuss chapter 3. I just wanted to note a few things about journaling for self-care.

Self care is absolutely important for maintaining your sanity, understanding who you are and where you need to go next. It’s about taking care of your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical needs. For all but physical needs, I take to journaling.

Journaling is perfect for those who want to remain cool, calm, collected, centered and sef-assured in your identity. For those who want to have a deeper understanding of their lessons learned, and would like to go back and freshen their minds on those lessons weeks or months later. For those who may be interested in writing a book about said lessons, too.

If you are new to journaling. Today may be the day to get started. It’s good to be in a reflective mood on a daily basis, so that the next day you have clarity on what needs to change. There are 3 questions I ask myself, which you can use as daily journaling prompts:

1. What am I thankful for today?
2. What do I need to work on?
3. What/who do I need to pray for?

Here are some examples:

1. I’m thankful for life and breath. For the ability to move around freely with 2 hands and 2 feet. For the ability to buy the things I not only need, but also the things I want. And for the people around me who love me. Lastly I’m thankful that we didn’t have that long boring meeting today cause I would have fallen asleep. Thank you God.

2. I need to be more kind and tell my friend I love her more. I need to be more aggressive and let my coworkers know that I’m interested in that project and I want an active role in it. I need to be more mindful about the things I put into my body and treat it like a temple.

3. My sister still isnt 100% well, I will pray for her health. My cousin is having a tough time with the children, I will pray for her strength. My coworker isn’t #woke, I will pray for his enlightenment.

I shared my questions in the book club, and someone added – 4.what can I give myself a gold star for today? That’s a superb addition, and I’ll be adding that to mine!

Once you develop a daily cadence, you can branch out. You can have different types of journals. You can have a dream journal, prayer journal, sketch journal, photography journal etc. There’s no limit.

I’ll be sharing some prompts for a dream journal, and a prayer journal in the next few posts.

Enjoy the peace of mind and clarity of thought that comes with journaling!

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