Hey Bestie…

This is a moment when my bestie motivated me.

I was quite confused the other day about what I want to do with my life. Where I want to be? What will my future look like? I just don’t know anymore.

I thought I got it all figured out. I am a grad student after all. I remember my Director telling me the very first time I met her. I think I mentioned this before. She said, “People go to grad school for three reasons. 1) To start a career. 2) Change a career. And 3) Enhance their career. I thought Hmmm. I definitely want to start a career. I knew I was ready for school. I was ready to build my career, but what was I going for? Is it because I enjoyed the learning environment? Or simply I just want to take a break from the working world?

I thought long and hard before replying to my bestie. She got it figured out. Instead of saying, we all don’t know what to do with our lives and we are still learning about ourselves, she asked me questions about my experiences and what I liked and helped me understand my passions. I was enlightened.

Thanks, Bestie. It was all that I needed to hear. I still don’t know yet where life may lead me but I do know, what’s meant for me will happen.

Advice: Feeling stuck? Talk to the person who knows you the most and they might just inspire you.


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