Something nice!

Sometimes you just need someone to say something nice.

Especially having a bad day, you need a little encouragement. Or after a fight. Or raining day. (Don’t get me wrong, some people like raining days.) Or after having a nightmare.

I like hearing nice things because it keeps me uplifted. I go to work feeling good.

What feeling good got to do with any of this?

It makes one happy, secure, and productive.

Now imagine, if you were having a bad day. Someone said something means to you. You did not do your homework. You did not prepare your presentation for a talk.

Now imagine, how will you feel? A little disappointed. A little upset. Or even regret not doing something or saying something.
Now imagine.
A person walks toward you and you let them go first on the bus and they say thank you. Imagine, you were angry but you decided to say hi anyway to the stranger that you made eye contact with. Imagine coming home to your family or housemates and they said, “Here eat a cookie. Eat an apple” It will make you feel better. And if you live by yourself, text your bestie and tell them about your day.
And I promise you when you get to hear something nice. It will give you a good feeling.

So, be happy and say something nice to someone. You can also make their day a better day.

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