The Joy of being an Auntie!

Who doesn’t love being an auntie? I am going to have another baby niece or nephew. I still have to wait a couple more months to find out but I cannot wait.

Why is it good being an auntie? I love being an auntie because for many, many reasons. Being an aunt means loving a tiny human being. It also meant that I get to spoil her/him and love them like it’s my own child. I love being there for my niece and being able to be a role model for her. I love seeing her grow up and being a part of her life.

My baby niece is the cutest and smartest. She is only 3 and she knows so many things. I always enjoy talking to her. Our conversations are hilarious.

She called me on Facetime with her mom’s phone. She said “Auntie Sana?”

I thought it was her mom calling. But I was shocked she know my Facetime. I asked her if she ate, then she said, “Yeah.”

She replied, “Auntie I am going shopping, I will call you later.” I said, oh okay.

Then she hung up and a minute later, called me right back.

I laughed. She said, “Okay Auntie, I done shopping.”

She is so cute! This baby makes my day!





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