You GOT this!

Don’t let other people put you down, or knock you down. If someone does, you stand right up and you say, “I got this!”

Because tomorrow will be a better day! And tomorrow will come for you.

Recently it’s been hard. Especially when you do your best and the person still puts you down. Emotionally it is draining, mentally, you are tired and physically, you just want to go home and lay in your bed.

But, great news. It is all a part of the learning process. Whether it is in a classroom setting where you did not prepare for class and the professor calls on you, or at work where you submitted an assignment to your boss and had to redo it. Or you had a deadline and everything is falling apart.

I think that often these are challenges that push you to be more prepare for the next time. It is a time for you to step back and ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong? How can I learn from this experience? Is there anything that I can improve on? Instead of feeling down, how can I ask for help? And most importantly, pray! It really helps me. Just ask for guidance.

If someone is affecting you, remember you are in control. Only you can let others affect you.

#yougotthis #bestrong #itwillgetbettertomorrow

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