Born a Crime

It feels so good to read! Who would have imagined, Sana with a Book! I have not touched a  book since the semester ended. It feels so good to read again. Read for pleasure. No news. No academics papers. Just pure pleasure reading, for fun!

I bought a book before school ended, thinking I’m gonna read this for sure. It’s Trevor Noah! I started watching his YouTube videos, trying to understand politics and it was so funny. Then I started liking the way he talks about things and watching more YouTube video.

His book, “Born a Crime” really inspired me to understand other people. Childhood is an interesting time of our life, good or bad. I picked it up and brought it with me on my way to work. I read the first chapter, then the second and I couldn’t put it down. It was all the emotions I need after taking a break from my Korean dramas.

I can hear his voice too, each chapter taught me a lesson and I look forward to the next.

After reading the whole book in two days I couldn’t believe I finished a whole book, word for word. It felt amazing. But the ending was so intense. It was about his mother story. She raised him well. She is brave, and I respect her a lot even though I don’t know her personally. She reminded me of my mother, although they are completely different. My mother loved all of her children and raised us courageously. I saw that in his mom.

Often reading his stories, I reflected on my own. I couldn’t feel his frustrations, anger, happiness, and excitement. Every time he was naughty and didn’t listen to his mother, I can felt he was free, and everything he got in trouble I wish I was as rebellious as a kid. It just made me think, “wow, Trevor Noah!” What a boy.

What was my favorite part of the book? Honestly, it was the whole book. Every chapter I learned a lesson from him, and every chapter was full of words I could understand. Word by word, the picture was painted clearly in my mind and it was as if I was watching a movie.

I highly recommend this book. It is a memoir style, biography type of book but it will definitely keep you engage. Five stars indeed!

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