What does it mean to listen?

Hearing and listening are 2 different things. Hearing doesn’t imply choice, it’s unintentional. Listening does imply choice, it’s intentional. Here’s what it means to listen:

  1. Listening means “I respect you”
  2. Listening means “I care about what you have to say”
  3. Listening means “You matter in this moment”
  4. Listening means “I love you”
  5. Listening means “I’m going to put your needs above mine in this moment”
  6. Listening means “I want to help you”
  7. Listening means “I want to work with you”
  8. Listening means “I value your advice”
  9. Listening means “I value the fact that you chose me to share something with”
  10. Listening means “I can paraphrase what you just told me”
  11. Listening means “I’m giving you all my attention in this moment”
  12. Listening means “I want to understand you”


What does listening mean to you?

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