I’m a married woman! Say whaaa!!!

Getting Married!

Who would have thought I would ever get married? I still cannot believe I am married. After so many years of spending time abroad, exploring the world and having the time of my life with friends, I decided to settle down. I thought once before, it would be nice to settle down and have a family, but I never thought it would come true, especially marrying a wonderful man who I am deeply in love with. I thought I should focus on school and start my career then think about marriage but who knew it all just sort of happened. I guess like they say, “when the time is right, everything feels right.”


Marriage in my parent’s generation was often not because of love, but because of arranged marriage or convenience. I knew I wanted mine to be different. And coming from a culture that is dying, it was important to marry within the ethnic group, but I knew love has no race, age, or gender. It is what it is. Even when I was still dating my husband, I thought maybe this won’t work, because we are too different how can our parents agree. But surprisingly, our parents have been quite supportive and open-minded. #biracialmarriage


As a Hmong woman marrying into an Indian culture is somewhat challenging. Although I can understand some its traditions, I still have a long way to go in terms of understanding his upbringing and culture.


Today I wanted to share my experience of a courthouse wedding. I never attended one and most of the wedding I been to are cultural weddings. The process was a lot simpler than the cultural ones. Since we both live in the same state, it was easier for us to decide where we wanted to get married. I simply googled most of the information.


I found our county on google, then googled how to get a marriage license. The process was simple. You can fill out the forms at the county and pay an application fee. Ours was $55.00. They will ask for information like your ID, SS#, date of birth and place of birth. Then after submitting the forms, depending on your county, after 2-5 days you can find an officiant or set a court date for a wedding ceremony. We decided the courthouse will be more suitable and called to set an appointment. Note: Set appointment early because it can be booked for months. On the day of the wedding ceremony, make sure to arrive 15-20 minutes in advance to check in. Bring your forms the license office gave you when you went to apply for the marriage license. Depending on the courthouse you may have limited number of guest with you to witness your ceremony. We invited some of our close friends. The officiant came in the room, and we signed a big book. It was starting to feel real. I couldn’t believe it was real.


Then we stood in front of our friends and listen to him as he started the ceremony. We said our vows and I can feel my heart smiling because the time has come to exchange our rings. One thing I could remember clearly was looking at my husband face as he said his vows. He was so cute and excited. After the vows, we exchanged our rings and the officiant gave us the forms. We are now, officially married.


Overall it was a very simple process to get legally married. We also got our marriage certificate and tons of pictures. It was a very special and happy day for me.



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