How your partner/spouse/best friend is a reflection of yourself

The people you hold close to you is a reflection of yourself. It could be good or bad. The saying that says ‘show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are’ is true. I’m not talking about acquaintances, I’m talking about real friends who got your back.

In my opinion, like attracts like. So if you look at the person closest to you – likely a partner, spouse, or best friend, there’s something about them that attracted them to you, and something about you that attracted you to them. It starts with your thoughts, which are 100% spiritual. Whatever you think you attract.

When your partner/friend/spouse does something that excites you or annoys you, it’s a reflection of what you have within you. Let me try to give an example: when your notice your spouse doesn’t listen, or when you are trying to say something, their reaction seems like they don’t listen. Maybe they walk away, or don’t give eye contact, or quickly change the subject. And it makes you uncomfortable and insecure. It is because you, my friend, also don’t listen, or you also react in a way that seems like you don’t listen. Look at your other relationships and examine whether you have been a good listener or not, or whether you’ve made others feel like you don’t listen to them. Do you also walk away? Do you avert your eyes or change the subject? Ask someone. You recognize that they doesn’t listen because it’s familiar. You can only recognize what’s familiar to you.

Another example is, your spouse is talking to you about a topic they are passionate about. You don’t care much about the topic, but you recognize the passion and you feel excited or inspired (which is the same as excitement, just on another level). It makes you feel like finding out what you are passionate about, and watching their passion makes you love them more. My friend, it is because YOU are a passionate and driven person. It is because there’s something within you that needs to feel like you are doing what you are meant to do. You falling in love with your spouse more because of things like these, is no different than you falling in love with yourself. Likewise with any close friend.

On the flip side it could be negative too. Maybe when your friend doesn’t listen it makes you feel good, or makes you feel like you need to help them, or makes you fall in love with them. Or when your friend talks passionately about their work it makes you feel bad, jealous or angry. These are negative reactions that indicate a lack of self-love. You will attract those kind of people who have little to no self love.

It makes sense, because if you notice people with spouses or close friends that are in a positive space are generally more confident – because they have not just fallen in love with a spouse, they have fallen in love with THEMSELVES. People who are isolated or in a negative space with those close to them are generally less confident. They tend to not like themselves.

Choose your friends wisely, even more so choose your partner wisely. Examine why you like what you like in another person and see how that reflects on what you like or don’t like about you. The people in your life will expose the truth about yourself.

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