Be Confident!

Every steps you take; every move you make! Be confident.
I always had a confidence issue. I find myself of less value, or I am not sure if I will make it, meaning successful because the norms say I should study practical majors but instead decided to study East Asian Studies for example. It may also be a cause of cultural reasons. But here is two sentence about my journey to attaining confidence.

Often than not, we are faced with many opportunities and decisions. We have to rely on ourselves. Listen to our gut feeling, or someone who we value and find trust in.

Once you have made that decision, own up to it! Be responsible for your decisions and be willing to take on the full 100% consequences that follows. Be confident you have made the right choice, find confidence in yourself that all things will fall in place.

So, what does it mean to be confident?

One wise man said, “If you can convince yourself, you can convince the whole world.”

This is true. If you find no flaw, no questions, and 100% believe in something, truly that other person will also be convinced. This is one way of confidence.

Confidence also mean having faith. Whether that is faith in a religion, belief in god, or faith in yourself. Faith is important because you need to believe everything will work out. There are no other options. Imagine you are on a spectrum, hitting rock bottom, or halfway in life, it does not matter. You are only going up. Recently my faith has guided me to living a full life. Having a positive outlook on life really helps with my confidence.

Confidence can also take the form of support. Only surrounding yourself with loves one and people who trust and believe in you will build that confidence. When I was growing up, my family sometimes give up on me. I thought if family cannot support my dreams and goals, how can I be confident to pursue a life so different from theirs. I wanted more. But I realized family is always family. It doesn’t matter what steps you make, what decision you make, they are supportive in a different form, that you may not recognized. Blood is thicker than water like they say. I was lucky that I found friends in college and throughout my life that are ambitious. They guided me, mentored me and supported my passion. That help me with my confidence and confidence, my friends, once attain will play out in other aspect of your life.

#yougotthis #positivevibes

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