What does relationship mean to you?

Relationships are important, in fact, it is so important that we as humans value it deeply sometimes even without realizing how much we love another and how close we can grow to them. Like many cultures, the Hmong culture strengths lies in its clans and network. Without a country, the Hmong had survived over and over keeping its traditions, language, and people. Relationship building is in our genes, incorporated into our language and created an order for us to understand the connections between us and the other.
I find value in a relationship because I believe humans are important. My three best friends. My family. They are the reason why I am where I am in life. I love them so much. People are important to me. I find although there are millions of people and some people may be similar, they are not the same. There is only just one of you and one of them. No one can ever replace that “one” person.

It made me wonder every day I walked pass maybe hundreds of people. Why is it that I am not a part of their life? How is it that the people in my life, especially the ones that stay, are the people they are?

I understand, relationships…. sometimes can be hard. It can be reciprocal or not. It can friendship, family, acquaintance, or love. But most importantly, long-lasting relationships are the ones that require the most love, support, and perseverance. It will be worth it to maintain, have two-way conversations and most importantly understanding each other with an open mind. No judgment. No bad words. Simply just expressing your thoughts and coming to a middle ground.

I encourage you to reach out to someone today. To tell them you love them, but only if you really mean it. Or to simply say hi. Get in touch with those who are important to you and smile.

They are keepers.

#workonthatrelationship #bestrong #keeploving


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